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A letter from a friend in Louisiana


September16, 2020
To: Chef Minute Meals Inc.
Piney Flats. TN. 37686 USA

Hurricane Laura hit our home state of Louisiana extremely hard on the nite and early
morning hours of August 26/27, 2020 with winds of over 150 mph. My wife and I live in the little
community of Peason Ridge, located in Sabine Parish, La. We are 140 to 150 miles from the Gulf
of Mexico in West Central Louisiana. The eye of the storm came right over our rural community
and did lots of damage but everyone survived the winds of 120 miles per hour. As the winds
approached at 120 miles per hour it sound like whoom, whoom, whoom, and you could hear
trees falling and tin leaving off our barns here in the country. But the Good Lord watched over
After the destruction here in Louisiana we had no power, most places no water, all our
food was ruined in our fridges and deep freezes and like thousands of other, I would go and get
in line at a Louisiana National Guard food distribution site. Folks were in desperate need of
these necessities. The closest location for me was about 24 miles from home and all the fuel we
had extra was for our generators. I went twice and there was so many folks getting rations that I
did not get any. But the 3rd time was a charm and we were issued
MRE type meals from a
company named XXXXXX. Sadly all the stuff we were issued was mostly vegetarian and all us
folks in Louisiana like our good seasoned food with a taste of meat in it. But about day 8 I
managed to be issued 2 cases of Chef Minute Meals. I got home and my wife and I sat down at
our picnic table in the yard and opened them up. These were the best meals we had been issued
and we really enjoyed them ! They were tasty and filling and gave us the get up and go to start
cutting trees and cleaning up our place again. I just had to write to your company and give you
first hand that your meals were so good and we greatly enjoyed them. Several days later we got
power for 1 day but lost it again for 3 more days and are still having no phone service.
History repeats itself for 15 years ago I was a supervisor for State Police here in
Louisiana and was in New Orleans for many weeks after Hurricane Katrina and was there when
Hurricane Rita hit Lake Charles and came up our way. While I was gone to New Orleans Rita hit
and tore our barns and out buildings up. I rebuilt when I got back off Katrina/Rita duty. Well 15
years later I have been retired for 11 years and live on the farm that my Dad first purchased in
1951 when he came back from the Korean War. We are a small rural farming community and we
will overcome this hurricane. We are LOUISIANA STORNG AND AMERICAN PROUD!
One evening for supper we sat down for the last of the Chef Minute meals I told my wife
to take my picture with these meals to let ya'll know that we ate them and most of all enjoyed
them. And they gave us much needed food each day. So I have a picture to send along with
another picture of a little stick flag that went through the storm. My Mother still honors my
Dad's army service by having a little American stick flag by the steps going up to her house. I had
tied down and layed down anything that the wind would blow away but in my haste I forgtt the
little flag. And guess what.the flag was still there, dirty and torn, but it made it through the
storm. This let's us know that we have problems and hurts here in Louisiana and our nation but
America is strong and will withstand the storm.
Again I know this was a FEMA contract for your company but I just had to tell ya'll that
your meals are great and well-prepared and we sure appreciate them. Keep up the good work
and let me tell you "Job Well Done" !

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