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A letter from our friend in Texas

I got some of your meals today and I was so impressed I called to tell you guys. My name is XXXXXXX I am a Army and Air Force veteran and a retired Deputy Sheriff. I went to culinary college about 18 years ago. I have worked in the food industry full time since 2007. I ate MRE’S for two months straight in desert survival school so I’m pretty familiar with this system. My first job was making TV dinner meals for the homeless and then putting the meals in a blast chiller to bring down the temperature. I sucked the air out of the package with a machine and then we froze them. They could be thawed out eaten cold or warmed up. Coming to the point my wife and I were in Texas  in the big freeze. All I had was some bottle waters and six military MRE’S with heater packs. They cost me $130.00 I believe. We had no heat or gas we were electric only. We survived for 4 days on these. I said never again so I cleared out the closet on the bottom of the stairs and I bought everything possible only spending 25 dollars a week. One year later I’m ready. I look all over the internet and survival food is so high and now there is little to chose from. I saw your food and could not believe the price. You guys definitely help those on a budget for sure. I got your beef stew and have two other meals coming. I also noticed your meals are pretty good size and they have meat in them I’m shocked again. I also noticed they’re not loaded with sodium another shocker. Thank you again for affordable instant heating food at a great price. Oh the temp in my house in Texas during the outage was 25F.

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