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Chef 5 Minute Meals - 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit Commercial

Chef 5 Minute Meals is proud to announce our new 30 Second commercial for our delicious 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit containing our Self-Heating, Shelf-Stable Meals, Ready-to-Eat! Here's the Transcript:  
Moms know how important it is to keep their families safe and secure in case of disaster. We stock up on flashlights, batteries, and bottled water, but what about food? That's where Chef 5 Minute Self-Heating, Pre-Cooked Meals have you covered Without the freeze-dried taste. Their meal kits include cereals, tortillas, jams, and even snacks with 3 days of self-heating meals for a hot, delicious, real meal experience, even when times get tough. Get your Chef 5 Minute Meals 72 Hour Meal Kits at and keep your family secure.

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