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Chef 5 Minute Meals Responds to Hurricane Florence

Chef 5 Minute Meals has been working tirelessly for weeks, as Hurricane Florence made its approach and since its landfall along the North Carolina coastline. As with previous hurricane response efforts, Chef 5 Minute Meals has loaded up trailer after trailer to ship out our signature self-heating, shelf-stable, ready-to-eat meals for those in need. The work is hard and long, but Chef 5 Minute Meals is proud to be part of the relief effort. We understand well the chaos and havoc that natural disasters can wreak, and the significance of a hot, home-style meal when individuals and families are uprooted. We're committed to being there for those in need, as well as encouraging others to be prepared. While we mobilize any time a disaster threatens, our ready-to-eat product line is always available for your emergency kit, helping families feel a sense of security, whatever the weather. The scope of Florence underscores an important truth - severe weather is going to happen, even in an otherwise quiet hurricane season, and when it does, it can be devastating and unpredictable. It only takes one. In uncertain times, a bit of certainty, like having food on hand, can mean the world. You can see our response in action in the video clip below, courtesy of WCYB: If we are able to provide the security of delicious, shelf-stable food like our self-heating, ready-to-eat meal line, or our 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit, containing enough food for one adult for 3 days, to your family, organization, municipality, city, or state, please do not hesitate to contact us. As the response continues, we  continue to work diligently and we stand ready to respond to whatever is to come. Additionally, and certainly not least of all, Chef 5 Minute Meals sends its sincere condolences to all of those who lost property or loved ones as a result of this storm. We unfortunately can't prevent natural disasters, but we will always try to make them a little bit more bearable for those who face them.

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