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CMM Introduces New People and Products At The 2018 National Hurricane Conference

Chef Minute Meals is pleased to have a major booth in the 2018 National Hurricane Conference in Orlando, FL. CMM is delighted to introduce Laura Schoonmaker (pictured above) who will be featured in upcoming company ad campaigns beginning with commercial spots promoting its 72-Hour Emergency Meal kit. The multi-pronged ad campaign, assisted in design and messaging by Creative Energy of Johnson City, TN , will focus on preparedness and target "guardian moms" who take on provider roles for their families before, during, and after major storm events. CMM is playing a major role in attempting to get more individuals to take emergency and disaster preparedness seriously and on a pro-active basis. Chef Minute Meals will also be promoting its civilian friendly Individual MRE Kits that have become popular quickly, no doubt because of the perceived value of a reasonably priced meal kit that essentially provides a filling, self-heating meal, a meal replacement bar snack, and a drink mix at an MSRP of $7.99. Many who have seen the individual MRE kit have commented on the value, the quality, the practicality, and the shelf stability. Several organizations have already placed orders for the kits. The National Hurricane Conference will run through Wednesday March 28th. Chef Minute Meals is located at Booth #319/321.

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