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Health Notes from our Founder/CEO Barry Sendel (10/11/18)

Neckties Can Affect Blood Flow to the Brain Looking sharp is important in our business-focused world, and the necktie with a nice Windsor knot is a classic look. However, that classic, sometimes, an uncomfortable look can have drawbacks. According to a study done by German researchers, neckties actually restrict blood flow to the brain. Compared to a control group without neckties, blood flow to the brain was measured to be impeded by up to and over 7%! This, according to Medical Daily, "may not cause significant symptoms," but it may still have some adverse health effects. It might seem obvious that any excess pressure around your neck might not be the best thing for you, but now there is some data to back it up. A potential solution, even if ties are mandatory, is to loosen them a bit. If someone has a problem with it, you have some science on your side to justify relaxing your presentation a bit. And, after all, we could all stand to relax a little bit and have a bit less pressure in our lives, especially around our necks. See more at Medical Daily and the original study here

Liver Disease Is On The Rise Since 2009, liver disease and complications like cirrhosis have been on the rise, especially among younger adults. According to Healthday, since 1999, deaths from these problems have increased by 65%, and the toll was higher for men than it was for women, which isn't surprising as men typically drink more excessively. It's possible that this could be linked to economic conditions which have not elevated younger adults' standing over this period of time, as alcohol has long been an unhealthy coping mechanism. For men, especially, this coping mechanism is sadly often seen as socially acceptable and preferable in times of emotional and economic turmoil. In any case, the rise is a worrying, and sad trend. Let's hope it changes soon. For more information, check out this article on the subject Healthday.

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