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Second letter from our friend Rickey

From: Rickey

A day or so ago I went to the mail box and I had a great package there. Brought in the mail and my wife asked what kind of tractor part had I ordered....told her LOOK what we got from Chef Minute Meals ! What a great 3 day meal pack ya'll have came up with ! And what great meals are in the pack ! Chef Minute Foods continues to improve and update all the meals that you provide. Such a great idea with the 3 day pack ! We were hit with Hurricane Laura and ya'll sure helped out in Louisiana. And on January 9, 2022 at 5 am on that Sunday morning our little community, known as Peason, was struck by an EF 2 tornado. And my farm and our house was the first places to meet this storm. We lost several outbuildings and all the back part of the roof on our house, but the Good Lord watched over us. We are a farming, hay and cattle, and poultry raising community and it tore it up with 6 people injured bad enough they had to be airlifted to Shreveport and Alexandria, La. for treatment. All are well now and back home. The storm knocked out power to our little community in some areas for 4 days. Folks came from all over Louisiana to help us out and brought food, clothing, cleaning supplies, and fuel and generators to the local church, which was used as a Command Post. The folks at the church fixed us dinner and supper hot meals that sure helped us out. Our community is slowly but surely rebuilding. And we have a new roof on our house and are getting the other buildings rebuilt too. Now we are facing Hurricane Season that runs from June to November, with officials here in Louisiana and weather agencies stating we could have from 2 to 4 major hurricanes through Louisiana. Our prayers are that the Good Lord will keep all storms calmed down ! I was with State Police here in Louisiana for almost 27 years and one of our duties was Hurricane Details. In 2005 we entered New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I took my group of troopers and went to a National Guard supply dump and we picked up several cases of water and ME's each. How I wish we would have some meals from Chef Minute. The one's we had were older and about half stale, but in the chaos we were going through we were glad that we had at least something ! I am glad that this fine company now is making food products that can be used in situations like that which provide good wholesome meals. Please tell all the folks at your facility to keep up the good work because they are doing a great job and are providing food to folks who are always in desperate need of it. And again thanks for remembering Patsy and I and sending us the 3 day pack. We sure do appreciate your thoughtfulness and your hospitality to us way down here in Louisiana ! Keep up the good work and thank you all ! totes then Rickey and Patsy

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